“Improving Health through Innovation”

Technovalia’s mission is to "Improve Health through Innovation". This not only means technological innovation but also developing new models and collaborative networks to bring together the greatest minds, ideas and expertise to create products and solutions which have a significant positive impact on people’s health.

In partnership with some of the best organisations in Australia and abroad, we invest in the development of new technology platforms that have the potential to bring significant breakthroughs in public health, in particular in the fight against infectious diseases. 


Technovalia founders and leadership team have all significant experience in large multinationals and small biotech companies in both Australia and overseas, including with Chiron (Novartis), QIAGEN, PPD, from R&D to Commercialisation of Vaccines and Diagnostics.

Our expertise is completed by a team of strategic consultants and technical advisors who are among the most renown experts in their fields.  They provide us with the right support and expertise for each of the different stage of the development of our project ; from research to clinical development, GMP manufacturing, registration, and strategic commercial partnerships.

And because life-changing innovation comes from the crossroads of disciplines and combining expertise, Technovalia also relies on a network of international partners and collaborators to develop and provide safer and more cost-effective vaccines and diagnostics.